June 20, 2024

A facilitated and paperless vaccination process is on a system trial through the City Management Information Technology Division (MITD) in coordination with the Health Services Office and other concerned offices.

The new process is based on Department of Health guidelines, according to MITD personnel Francis Camarao who gave the presentation during the management committee meeting last Wednesday.   

Originally, the vaccination process takes 20 minutes and more, onsite, with five personnel: one each for registration/triage, counselling, screening, vaccination and post vaccination/discharge. There were also pre-requisites such as interview, vital sign-taking and signing of consent which takes up precious time in the procedure.    

Camarao said the new procedure shortened to three steps, with only three personnel engaged: pre-vaccination-registration, counseling, screening and triage, for five to 10 minutes; administration of the vaccine, one to two minutes; and post vaccination which includes a 15-minute observation period.

When a vaccinee exhibits vaccine side-effects or allergies, the observation period extends up to 30 minutes.

At the start however, if a vaccinee has symptoms or admits to having comorbidities or a serious illness, the vaccination is deferred.

Camarao said the procedure ends with the issuance of a cryptocode which could be scanned and aligned with other digital platforms. The cryptocode contains the vaccinee’s personal data and vaccination record.

HSO head Rowena Galpo however considered having an onsite registration kiosk; which was also earlier discussed and agreed between the mayor and punong barangays.

In a media forum, HSO Nurse Sonia Insas said there were plans to increase the number of vaccinees to at least 1,000 a day in each vaccination site, with a target of 16,000 jabs per week. This can be done when vaccines arrive in the coming months.  

The administration of first and second doses may also be done in separate venues, for facilitation. – Julie G. Fianza