June 21, 2024

LUBUAGAN, Kalinga – A farmers group in this municipality is now a major local supplier of table eggs, thanks to the assistance of the Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agriculture Development (DA-SAAD) Program.
The Latawan, Ag-agama, and Mallongan Farmers Association Inc. (LAMFAI) with 90 members from Barangay Western Uma is now producing from its layer stocks a total of 17 trays per day with sizes ranging from small to jumbo. Their daily harvest is expected to increase in the coming months, which the members are looking forward to also supply more barangays in their municipality.
The egg production project interventions worth P2,495,190 received by the association from DA-SAAD include 1,254 heads of RTL chicken, 600 bags of layer feeds, 20 vials of fowl pox vaccine, 30 units of fabricated cages, 12 rolls of HDPE pipe, 10 rolls of laminated sack, 10 rolls of poultry net, 50 pieces of egg tray, two units of egg scaler, and one unit generator in September 2021.
LAMFAI members constructed the facility and managed the project as its counterpart.
The FCA started selling their egg harvest in November 2021, and as of the third week of January 2021, the group accumulated P130,000 total sales.
“Dakkel ti tulong na daytoy nga proyekto ta saan min kasapulan nga apan Tabuk City tano gumatang ti itlog. Daytoy asosasyonen ti mangilako ditoy ken ti karruba nga barangays. Makasigurado pay ti umili nga fresh ti gatangen da,” said Marlon Segundo, son of a beneficiary. – Peter A. Balocnit