July 13, 2024

‘WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE Sport?’ If they ask you that question, how do you answer? But before everything, Sport and Art are two different words, but when applied, the difference becomes ‘thinner’. Could you agree? Not yet? What, please?
FOR INSTANCE, PEOPLE speak of the ‘Art of Karate’; but there is also a ‘Sport Karate’ – usually meant for competitions, belt promotions and the like, as distinguished from for instance – Combat Karate.
FURTHER, ‘COMBAT JUDO’, and the term ‘Sport Judo’, or ‘Judo’ (itself or originally); and why yes, people sum all these up with: Martial Arts! See? So, meanwhile we leave the matter to the experts of terms and their applications. So back to our question:
WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE… rather, what do you like best to play, join in, (even) just watch and enjoy – on Television, Facebook, or what have you?
MOST, IF NOT all, countries used to have ‘national sport(s)’, and which their citizens love best to do, or just watch being done and be proud of – ‘in heart and mind, they say’
SEPPAK TAKRAW IN Indonesia and nearby, Baseball and Basketball in the U.S.A.; in Japan, we cannot be sure now of their official national sport; they play or enjoy and watch so many; earlier, there were: Judo, Ju-jitsu, Kendo, Aikido, Sumo, et cetera. But these times and earlier they also have had lots of baseball, basketball, etc., competitions – all seasons, notwithstanding.
AND ‘ART’? EARLIER, they had (brush) painting, the Kabuki plays and so on; now, in addition to these, they have Modern or Modernized versions. Again, meanwhile
WHAT ABOUT US – in the Philippines? We ourselves love to play – or just enjoy and watch being played: Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball too, plus a lot others of the modern/modernized ones. Ain’t that right? And, by the way
INCLUDING YOURS TRULY, we need your updates on our original Filipino National Sports and Arts, viz. Arnis, the Lowland Singko Tiro; the Harana songs, the Ilokano Daniw and Bukanegan, and many others. Most appreciate, if you can kindly share us some highlight updates on those as well as on the related others not herein named? Finally, hereabouts
IN THE CORDILLERA, we have a lot of native sports, and arts to share. Some of these have already been shown or shared to the public Audience. Ask them – per province, and they’ll tell you, with beaming pride.
IN BENGUET ALONE, we have the ‘native’ ones like: Abang or Paxid tan Abang (Sweep, then wrestle), the Dongba ni Kabajo (Ibaloi-style/own rules/Horseracing; then the Arts of: Shai-eng (Sung-poetry), Ba-diw (Impromptu/exchange/sung poetry) the Angba (Village guardians’ songs), and so forth. Ayuhh, Ayuhh! Kha!