July 23, 2024

The contractor of the youth convergence center at the Athletic Bowl was asked to restore the damage their works have caused to one of the buildings of the Baguio City National High School (BCHNS).

Councilor Vladimir Cayabas made the request following the appeal of BCNHS Principal Whitney Dawayen for the issue to be addressed soon to ensure the safety not only of the affected structure, but especially the welfare of the students.

ME Sicat Construction is undertaking the construction of the P382-million Baguio City Youth Convergence Center, one of the priority projects of the city government and one of the infrastructure projects that incurred delays in completion.

The construction firm was told to fast-track the restoration of the school foundation that was affected by their excavation works.

Dawayen said huge cracks appeared in one of the school’s structures as a result of the deep excavation works.

“The (stability) of the building and the safety of the students are compromised and we are concerned especially with the onset of the rainy months. The building might collapse,” Dawayen said.

Cayabas said he was among those who inspected the building, together with the engineer of the construction firm and was assured the concern would be addressed as early as May.

He said it is unfortunate the issue has not been addressed up to now.

He asked the contractor to fast-track the restoration works at BCNHS’ foundation at their own expense.

ME Sicat Construction representative, Engr. Michael Sicat, who appeared before the council session on July 3, said they were set to pour concrete on the excavated portion to protect the school building on weekend.

Aside from addressing the damage caused to the BCNHS building, members of the city council also asked the construction firm to fast-track the restoration of the diving and warm-up pools, which is also one of the works it is undertaking at the Athletic Bowl.

The company has been reminded time and again to fasttrack its works at the Athletic Bowl, which have been registering delays.

Sicat assured they will finish the construction of the Baguio Youth Convergence Center this month. – Jane B. Cadalig