April 13, 2024

City officials reiterated the earlier request of the local government to public utility companies using wires or cables city to address sagging wires or cables in electric posts located in the different parts of the city.

In Resolution 736, s. 2023, the city council stated telephone and cable companies must be reminded of their obligation as responsible administrators of their businesses to guarantee the safety of the public.

During the Senior Citizens Official for-a-day (Scofad) session, the council adopted the proposal of Scofad councilor Josepha D. Gamsawen that reiterated to telecommunication companies to fix their dangling and sagging wires and remove non-operational wires or cables that add weight on electrical posts which pose danger to the public.

Earlier, the city council adopted, among other measures to address sagging wires in the city such as Resolution 292, s. 1989 for PLDT to fix, repair, or properly install its telephone lines which crisscross streets or are left exposed on electric posts, and Resolution 79, s. 1996 that requested the Benguet Electric Cooperative and PLDT to install cables underground at Burnham Park and its vicinity, especially at Kisad Road.

The council said although there had been numerous measures adopted, there are still many areas in the barangays that have the same problem.

The council added that as the duty of responsible public officials and servants, it is incumbent upon them to reiterate the need to address and give appropriate solutions to the long overdue issue of dangling and sagging wires.

The body reminded the barangays of their duty to continuously safeguard their respective areas and that those concerned, such as, but not limited to, public utility companies using wires or cables be prompted to regularly monitor their respective lines and remove those that are already non-functional.

Copies of the resolution will be transmitted to the public utility companies using wires or cables operating in the city and the barangays for their information, guidance, reference, and action. – PIO release