June 21, 2024

Cutflower farmers and businesses in La Trinidad, Benguet are hoping to raise their sales during All Saints’ Day.
Councilor Belmer Elis, chair of the committee on tourism, said there are farmers who planted cutflowers in preparation for the holiday and in anticipation of the opening of cemeteries to the public.
“This is a chance for cutflower farmers to recover from their losses in the past years,” Elis said.   
Restrictions were strictly implemented when visiting public cemeteries at the height of the pandemic, causing farmers and floral shops to lose their sales. Many farmers were also forced to switch to planting vegetable cash crops for their sustenance.   
Elis said there is an ample supply of flowers for the holidays, which are mostly grown in barangays Bahong, Alno, Alapang, Beckel, and Lubas.   
He said bulk buyers already arrived early last week to personally purchase from the farmers. 
Cutflower farmers and businesses were also allotted with stalls at the Km. 5 parking area where they can sell their produce until Nov. 2. 
Cultflower vendor Rowena Lupadit said retail buyers get varieties of flowers for their departed loved ones. 
She said they offer Malaysian mums, chrysanthemums, roses, anthuriums, and even orchids, among others. She said most buyers prefer the already arranged flowers while some also buy potted flowers. 
Aside from the All Saints Day, Elis said cutflower farmers are also increasing their sales with the conduct of weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, among other occasions. – Ofelia C. Empian