June 22, 2024

While assuring support to efforts to protect the Dairy Farm, the Baguio City Police Office has advised the Department of Agriculture to provide permanent security personnel in parts of its property that are constantly frequented by intruders.
BCPO Director, Col. Glenn Lonogan, said DA should install permanent security measures to guard the Baguio Animal Breeding and Research Center (BABRC) from intruders who have resurfaced recently and are fencing parts of the property that have long been the subject of adverse claims by private individuals.
Lonogan said permanent security measures in the disputed areas of the BABRC will ward off individuals from constantly encroaching in the DA property, popularly known as the Baguio Dairy Farm.
He made the suggestion while he assured personnel of the BCPO, particularly those assigned at BCPO Station 10 along the Palispis-Aspiras Highway, were ordered to be on-call for BABRC’s security concerns.
“We have instructed personnel of BCPO Station 10 and the City Mobile Force Company to ensure security in the area. Even the SWAT team from Kennon Road was shifted to Marcos Highway to help secure the area,” Lonogan said.
The DA recently sounded the alarm on the intrusions by individuals who have surfaced anew and conducting surveys over portions of the BABRC.
Lonogan also said BCPO has no knowledge on the identity of a police official said to be one of those claiming portions of the BABRC.
The DA rued the continued encroachments, where intruders leave when they see the DA security personnel but go back to the area after some time.
The city council has invited the DA, among other stakeholders, in its next regular session to update the members on the recent encroachment concerns within the BABRC. – Jane B. Cadalig