April 20, 2024

A priest known for his passion for music is leaving the place he served for five years with nights of free concerts as a gesture of thanks to the people.

Rev. Fr. Marcial Lloyd Castañeda held thanksgiving concerts for residents of Sagada, Mountain Province.

Padi Marcs, as he was fondly called, recounted his various experiences during his five-year stay in Sagada as mostly pleasant and several unpleasant ones.

He was, however, prepared to handle these and continued to serve the communities well.

One of the memorable experiences he shared was when he baptized a 93-year-old elder during the Feast Day of St. Ignatius and named him “Ignacio.”

In the Roman Catholic practice, baptism is usually for infants or during the early years of an individual.

Padi Marcs was assigned in January 2018 as the parish priest of Sagada Catholic Mission.

Hundreds of youths were transformed through his music ministry.

Talented as he was in many aspects, he spent time teaching music and musical instruments to anybody interested, free of charge.

His original song compositions – Marcsongs are widely patronized; some became famous and sang by all ages.

Padi Marcs did not focus merely on church-related activities as he shared his talent to the community where he composed or put music to school hymns, among them the Aguid Elementary School (ES) Hymn lyrics and music and Sagada National High School Hymn music.

He also designed the seal of Aguid ES and enhanced the school seal of Kilong ES.

He also went around Sagada serving anyone through his talents and gifts. His generosity is beyond measure as never comes to a place empty-handed.

Padi Marcs is now the chaplain/rector of Bishop Francisco Claver, SJ Pastoral Complex, at Teng-ab, Bontoc; full time translator of the Bible; curator of Ecclesiastical Museum in Bontoc; and director of Moral Formation of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe.

Asked if his service can still be requested by the i-Sagada, he said: “Only the area of responsibility will change; my physical presence will remain with you.” – Jan Floraine D. Quiore