April 17, 2024

Restaurants and other similar establishments operating in Baguio are now mandated to provide access to free potable water to their customers upon request.
Under the ordinance, all establishments that serve food are required to post a signage with the phrase “Free service water.”
The “self-service” practice when availing of free drinking water shall be observed in small food establishments.
The ordinance further directs all establishments that serve food to regularly clean their water dispensers, water vending machines, and water storage containers.
The City Health Services Office is tasked to inspect all concerned business establishments to ensure compliance. During the inspection, the CHSO shall check if the establishment has up to date water test results of their water provider and their monthly water sampling and bacteriology test. These test results should be available to the public at all times and not only to the CHSO during an inspection.
Any food establishment found to have violated the ordinance shall be fined P3,000 and given a notice of violation for the first offense; P4,000 and a second notice of violation for the second offense; and their business permit suspended and closed for the third offense. – Jordan G. Habbiling