May 24, 2024

Just a thought: Maybe our beautiful nation’s provinces, cities, and municipalities that have been ruled by the same political dynasties should already be renamed after the family names of these dynasties. What do you think?

“Why only now?” and “What did past administrations do about this?” are the obvious questions that would crop up upon learning that the City Buildings and Architecture Office just recently issued notices of violation to 130 local commercial building owners for illegally converting their parking spaces into commercial spaces.
Engr. Stephen Capuyan of CBAO said eight of the building owners were able to comply with the return of their parking spaces that were converted into commercial spaces, 13 were issued show cause orders for the revocation or cancellation of their building and occupancy permits while the rest have pending cases awaiting appropriate action.
How long has this “parking space kuno to commercial space pala” abracadabra going on? Is another reasonable query to ask ourselves as taga-Baguio and impose upon our beloved leaders (elected and appointed) who must surely know more about the matter than us ordinary folk.
The most honest answer to the questions this near-sighted Ibaloy writer can muster is this: “Your guess is as good as mine.”
Belated birthday greetings to my ever-so-lovely kumander-in-chief Sarah who blew an extra candle recently while wearing a face mask and face shield. Don’t ask me how. Anyway, Samantha and I love you so much, sweetheart!

Here’s “Baguio Day, Part II” by Gabriel Baban Keith: “Cheers. Baguio./ At 111 years, a congested melting pot./The country’s Summer Capital/ and air-conditioned/ parking lot/ Cheers. Baguio./ September 1, your natal day./ Hooray./ All these years, a haven for squatters/ and the ever-present/ land-grabbing/ outsiders./ Cheers. Baguio./ Everybody’s here, there,/ everywhere./ An opportunist’s dream./ A local’s nightmare./ Mabuhay./ Baguio, Bag-iw, Kafagway./ Cheers. Baguio./ Home of second-hand clothes/ or wag-wagan,/ walis tambo, strawberry taho/ and barrel man./ Cheers. Baguio./ A weeping, exhausted host/ to an Ibaloy/ paradise/ lost.”

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