July 21, 2024

Team Lakay’s legacy continues to unfold as it embarks on an ambitious journey to seek and sculpt the next generation of world-class fighters.

Since March this year, the “Future Champion Kids” training program, one of the projects of Benguet Rep. Eric Go Yap who acts as team manager and head coach Mark Sangiao, has attracted 15 aspiring kids aged nine to 12 years old eager to embrace the world of mixed martial arts.  

FUTURE CHAMPIONS — The most decorated mixed martial arts team in the Philippines, Team Lakay, has embarked in yet another worthy program, the Future Champion Kids, which aims to discover promising young fighters aged nine to 12 years old eager to embrace the world of MMA. The program has the support of Benguet Rep. Eric Go Yap. — Team Lakay photo

With an emphasis on MMA, boxing, and an array of martial arts skills, these youngsters have committed themselves to a daily rigorous training regimen for free, aiming to become the future champions of the sport.

“What makes this initiative stand out is the unique foundation upon which it’s built. Every enrolled child, without prior knowledge or experience in martial arts, enters the program on an equal footing, creating a level playing field for all. This approach underscores Team Lakay’s belief in raw talent and untapped potential waiting to be harnessed,” said Sangiao.

The young protégés, ranging in age and backgrounds, are immersed in a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses various disciplines, including striking, grappling, and conditioning.

Under the guidance of Team Lakay’s seasoned coaches, these kids have been steadily honing their skills, inching closer to their dreams of becoming elite fighters.

A key element of the training is the monthly assessments, a pivotal tool used to gauge the progress and growth of these budding athletes. Through these evaluations, trainers are able to track the development of each child, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas that require more attention.

The program’s goal goes beyond creating champions inside the ring. It aspires to shape well-rounded individuals who embody the values of sportsmanship and perseverance and not just about raising winners but also nurturing character and leadership.

Sangiao added every day, these kids are not just learning the techniques but also imbibing the ethos of martial arts – the values of discipline, respect, and determination. They are being sculpted not only as athletes but as role models for the future generation.

He added as the months roll on, the program’s success is not merely measured by wins in the ring but by the transformation these kids undergo, the camaraderie they build, and the indomitable spirit they cultivate and the journey towards becoming a champion is not solely about the destination but the evolution of the individual along the way. – Press release