June 20, 2024

It has been four years since we, the first batch, often called the “experimental batch” of the K to 12 curriculum, graduated from high school. Some of my classmates already landed a job and some pursued their dreams abroad, but most of us went to college.
A lot happened in the past four years. We have matured and as we step closer to graduation, I realized a lot of things while waiting for that day. At first, we considered ourselves as the unlucky ones: Aside from being the experimental batch we also endured the challenges of the shift of the mode of education. Since we are in the technological era, we were able to at least adjust to the new mode of education. I realized that adulthood is beautiful but challenging most of the time. We have to prove to people around us that we are strong and independent and can live without the supervision of others. This situation also pressured most of us to look for a job while we are studying to sustain and provide for our family.
College graduation for most of the first batch of the K to 12 curriculum is just around the corner. The different tracks and courses that we have chosen molded us to also become better citizens. We are all excited but at the same time pressured. We are used to spending most of our time studying. We are used to receiving orders from our instructors, and especially, we are used to acting according to our friends’ action. May the remaining months of our stay in college be the time for us to reflect and be prepared for the new adventure that awaits us.
Waiting for the end of my college years helped me realize how powerful education is and how lucky I am to experience the beauty of it. I am scared and at the same time excited about the adventure that most of us are about to take. Three months left until college graduation and I am very thankful to those who helped and inspired us. Let us all enjoy the beautiful remaining college days of our lives.
May we all wait patiently and productively as we move closer to the closing and opening of the new chapters of our lives. May we live by the morals that we have learned from the six years of stay in high school and four years in college. As we, the first batch of the K to 12 curriculum prepare to enter the corporate world, may we prove that we did not spend our time for nothing. (RUTH ANN D. ROMERO)