June 21, 2024

The minimum public health standards (MPHS) which were strictly observed at the height of the pandemic should be a way of life, according to the City Health Services Office.

As Singapore has reported a spike in Covid-19 cases, CHSO Medical Officer IV Donnabel Panes reminded the public to continue observing hygiene practices as protection against illnesses transmissible through handling of contaminated objects.

“A lot of us do not even regularly wash our hands now,” Panes said adding wearing of masks, while not mandatory, should still be practiced especially those who are vulnerable such as those who have not been vaccinated, the immunocompromised, and the elderly.

For the period May 12 to 18, 11 cases have been recorded. Ten have recovered, while one is admitted in the hospital for severe Covid.

Omicron, the most infectious of all Covid-19 variants, remains the dominant variant in the cases recorded in the city, Panes said.

All the cases are reinfection but the severe case is unvaccinated. This is why health experts continue to advocate continuous adherence to the MPHS, especially handwashing and vaccination.

The CHSO is planning to continue vaccinating those who have not been vaccinated especially children who are seven years old and above but at present, the city does not have an available supply of vaccines.

From March 2021 up to the present, the city has recorded 47,491 cases; 928 deaths; and 46,566 recoveries.

For vaccination, there were 344,518 fully vaccinated; 359,356 who received at least one dose; and 165,000 who received their booster shot. – Rimaliza A. Opiña