June 17, 2024

As early as last year, Pagasa already gave a stern warning about the El Niño phenomenon, a weather condition where the temperature will rise to a very warm level resulting in a possible drought.
The warning was given early in order for the government and the people to take precautions against the adverse affect of the phenomenon. Despite the warning, we lived on day-to-day basis disregarding the danger that lurks in our future.
True enough, the El Niño phenomenon is in our midst. We are experiencing an unprecedented hot temperature that is severely affecting our livelihoods as well as our daily existence.
Several agricultural regions in the country are declaring a state of calamity because their fields and paddies are cracking due to the extreme warm weather. Their lush plantations that were once fertile are being transformed into an arid desert.
Some provinces and municipalities have reported that rivers, brooks, and creeks within their areas are drying up. The crops of farmers are decaying because there is no water to nurture them.
In many lowland cities, classes have been cancelled to prevent students and pupils from dehydration.
There, too, have been reports about old men and women fainting or being rushed to the hospital due to heat stroke. With the weather showing no mercy, the temperature continues to rise, posing serious threat to the health and well-being of everybody.
Already, there are more forest fires than ever before. Swathes of land have turned brown. The leaves of trees have turned yellow. Grasslands have become so dry and arid that the slightest spark could ignite a fire.
Dams and other reservoirs are lowering to critical levels. There had been little rain and no relief is in sight. Seeding the clouds only brought more environmental danger. Yes, it is alarming.
There are mitigating measures advised by the Department of Health for us to do to combat the ill-effects of the El Niño. We are advised to stay indoors, avoid direct sunlight, wear clothes that are airy, and most importantly, to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
However, these measures are merely transient which do not at all remedy the situation. It only manifests our short-sightedness in solving a real and known problem.
This extreme weather condition is a confirmation that something is wrong with our Earth. It validates the fear remonstrated by experts and scientists that global warming is for real.
Whereas in the past, we only had to contend with typhoons and storms, now we have to contend with calamities brought about by the sun. The bad news is that we are unable to cope because we brought this upon ourselves and only by sacrificing can we abate it.
Environmentalists are advocating less carbon emission and curtailing the use of fossilized fuel. Still, people have become dependent on this kind of fuel that to do away with it means going back to the past where gadgets and technology were non-existent.
Modern men shudder at this thought. In fact, just one day of experiencing “no electricity” is already a burden.
If people are not willing to give up a few of their luxuries and conveniences, the heat will continue to rise until finally, we will wake up one day to see ourselves toasted to extinction.