June 21, 2024

The Heirloom Rice Center in Sadanga, Mountain Province is expected to be operational next month following the completion of the Heirloom Rice Processing and Marketing enterprise subproject.

Under the management of the Anabel-Sadanga Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ASMPC) as the proponent group, the Heirloom Rice Center will be used as a consolidation and processing facility for the heirloom rice produce of farmers in Sadanga and in some barangays of nearby municipalities.

The center will serve as a processing and packaging facility and will offer services such as receiving, weighing, quality checking and sorting of dried palay, payment to the supplier, and storing.

On top of the 20 percent PG equity, the ASMPC plans to construct additional structures prior to its scheduled turnover in July.

“With authority from the board of directors, everyone agreed to include the construction of a slope protection and an access road going to the center including the painting of the building,” said ASMPC Manager Ester Rose Chao-angan.

Jose F. Lampesa, ASMPC Board of Directors chair, expects heirloom rice farmers will be encouraged to increase their production since there is already a closer market outlet for their produce.

Aside from the two-story facility, ASMPC also received a hauling vehicle, a rice mill, and a trading capital amounting to P426.20 million that was used to purchase dried palay from heirloom rice farmers.

The enterprise subproject costs P9.16 M funded under the DA-Philippine Rural Development Project on a cost-sharing scheme in which 60 percent came from World Bank loan proceeds, 20 percent counterpart funding from the DA, 20 percent from the provincial local government of Mountain Province, and 20 percent equity from the proponent group.

“As we implement our enterprise, we will also focus on completing other facilities needed in the center like cabinets for the display area, chairs, tables, and other furniture, which will also be part of our additional counterpart,” added Chao-angan. – Elvy T. Estacio