July 25, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The provincial police office here led a multi-sectoral effort to address the high incidence of vehicular traffic accidents in the province, especially in this city.
The Kalinga PPO led by Director P/Col. Job Russel Balaquit initiated the Oplan Reduction of Vehicular Traffic Accidents in the Locality (Revital), which aims to lessen the number of such accidents, ensure safety of riders and pedestrians, and maintain orderly flow of traffic.
Balaquit reported that vehicular accidents in the last three years were tracked at 302 in 2017, 232 in 2018, and 208 in 2019, and though a decreasing trend was observed, the number of deaths it caused increased from 17, 27, to 28, respectively. Tabuk City has the most cases.
Most of the cases reportedly involved motorcycles, drivers who were drunk and not wearing helmets, and lack of discipline in driving.
“The number of cases may go up unless we lift a finger to address it,” Balaquit said.
Activities under the Oplan include sustained police road checkpoint operation to crack the whip on traffic violators; intensified inter-agency education campaign in schools and transport groups; putting up of additional traffic signages; and massive information drive on responsible driving.
Aside from the police, the plan will involve line agencies such as the Land Transportation Office and the Department of Public Works and Highways, local government units, transport groups, and the general public.
Meanwhile, Tabuk City Information Officer Brent Martinez presented a traffic research that highlighted the roles of LGUs in traffic management.
 “It’s high time that traffic management plans are developed from the barangay up to the municipal and provincial levels before the problem even gets more serious,” he said. – Larry Lopez