March 3, 2024

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-Cordillera is working on the declaration of the residence of a known drug personality to become a safe house for abused children.
PDEA-Cordillera Director Gil Castro said they requested the City Anti Drug Abuse Council to convene and declare the residence of Brenda Singson at Magnolia Street Upper QM as a nuisance and, after forfeiture, can be converted into a “safe space” for abused children.
In the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, an area may be declared a nuisance and forfeited in favor of the government with the PDEA as custodian.
Castro said the PDEA-Cordillera will waive such right to the government so the residence can be converted to protect abused children.
On Sept. 14, joint personnel from the PDEA-Cordillera, National Bureau of Investigation, and the Baguio City Police Office implemented a search warrant at Singson’s house, which resulted in the arrest of Alysia, Brenda’s 29-year-old daughter and seizure of sachets of shabu, firearms, and drug paraphernalia.
Castro said Brenda, who was convicted to a life sentence in 2015, was arrested in a buy-bust operation at the same place.
Other successful anti-illegal drugs operations were also done at the residence, which is identified as an area where illegal drug transactions happen.
Brenda’s nephew Errol Singson and Alysia’s husband are also detained at the Baguio City Jail and facing charges for violation of the same law.
Castro added Brenda’s son, Christopher, was also sentenced to life imprisonment in 2016 for the rape and death of a certain “Cheska” in 2009 and “Carmela” in 2015.
Castro said during their recent operation, they found and seized several bank transactions from individuals and will do further investigation on the possibility that other persons are benefiting from the illegal drug transaction of the family. – PNA