December 5, 2023
SOLAR FOR KIBUNGAN — Four households with 25 individuals at Sitio Lipucan, Barangay Poblacion, Kibungan, Benguet are recipients of the “Pailaw ng Benguet Police Provincial Office” project where they received a complete solar power energy system for each of their households. Before the project, the households have been using candles as their source of light. The turnover was led by BPPO Director, Col. Damian Olsim with project partner Benguet PPO Provincial Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development led by Gov. Melchor Diclas, Raymund Guiñabo of RBG Electronics Philippines, Kibungan Municipal Police Station, and town officials on Feb. 22. — Ofelia Empian

KIBUNGAN, Benguet – Four households at Sitio Lipucan in Barangay will now set aside candles as their evening light after they received complete solar power units from the Benguet Police Provincial Office on Feb. 22.
Through the Pailaw ng Benguet PPO project, the households with 25 individuals are now equipped with a solar panel complete with electrical accessories enough to provide lighting for the entire house and to operate specified appliances and other electronic devices.
Benguet PPO Director Col. Damian Olsim said the project costs P120,000 and was in partnership with the Benguet PPO Provincial Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development (PAGPTD).
Olsim said some of the expenses were drawn from the earlier shoot fest for-a-cause of the command for the solar lighting project which started on Feb. 17 and completed on Feb. 19.
The solar power units were installed by the Kibungan Municipal Police Station personnel with the guidance of Raymund Guiñabo of RBG Electronics Philippines.
One of the recipients, Erbe Laoana, 56, said it was only after 40 years that they were able to experience electricity in their own residence.
“We had to rely on candles to light our homes at night. Our children have no choice but to study with candle light. Now that we have a current, it is easier to do things around the house, especially when we are eating, we could see our food, and maybe we can watch TV soon,” Laoana said. 
Laoana said the solar lighting project would help reduce their expenses even if electrical current would be brought by the Benguet Electric Cooperative in their sitio.
Guiñabo, while talking to the residents, said the solar power unit uses an e-bike battery as it is the most power-saving battery he could find. The battery would last for three years and each battery unit costs P2,500.
Other residents also expressed their gratitude to those who made the project possible during the turnover ceremony graced by PAGPTD chair, Gov. Melchor Diclas, town officials. and 911 On-Call led by Rafael Valencia.
Similar project was implemented in Tuba while other far-flung areas in Benguet are also targeted for the project.
Olsim hopes Beneco would also electrify these far-flung sitios soon. – Ofelia C. Empian