June 20, 2024

Former Department of the Interior and Local Government Sec. Eduardo M. Año has called for a justice system that is always swift, fair, and humane to create a safer, more peaceful, and more progressive Philippines.

“Let us altogether continually fortify the avenues and partnerships we have established thus far including the justice zones to give rise to a safer, more peaceful, and more progressive Philippines – one that is built up by a swift, fair, and humane justice system,” Año said during the launching of Baguio City as justice zone on June 24.

He the DILG will relentlessly nudge the police force, detention facility managers, and local officials to be devoted, well-equipped, and resourceful to shore up inter-agency collaboration in such a pursuit.

“With the establishments of justice zones in the Philippines in 2014, we became more driven and determined to put up regional justice hubs aimed at looking into the issues and concerns of our constituents. Through the justice zones, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges now have a common ground to tackle controversies and legal affairs and eventually bring quality justice services – now more synergized, more coordinated, and quicker than before,” he said.

Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo urged the City Government of Baguio not to fail the people by ensuring the safety and security of their rights under all applicable laws.

”With the strong cooperation towards the delivery of justice, the people of Baguio will receive quality justice in your justice zone,” he said.

Department of Justice Sec. Menardo Guevara said the existing achievements of all the justice zones are proofs of how powerful the synergy of criminal justice sector and institutions to deliver swift, efficient and comprehensive resolutions to many problems.

 “We need to embrace this launch with utmost confidence and optimism in your capacity to truly make the Baguio City Justice Zone a new exemplar in the way we deliver true justice,” he said.

Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Maria Ligaya Itliong-Rivera said with Baguio City as a justice zone, there will be an avenue for regular dialogue among agencies to discuss matters and resolve issues that will make them better in performing their tasks.

“There will be a venue for communication, coordination, and cooperation geared towards swift delivery of justice. We shall see enhanced collaboration among agencies in the criminal justice system finding solutions in their common problems,” she said.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong also pledged to do their part to improve and streamline the administration of justice.

“The people of Baguio can count on us in the city government doing our best to ensure that justice is served faithfully and honorably at all times,” he said. – Press release