July 19, 2024

HAVE YOU EVER heard the song: ‘How I wish I was single again!’ Yes, you have? Yes, for that song is very popular even. But note:
OUR SECOND TO the last word in the title is younger, not single. The latter is for others to better discuss; the latter – younger, is now ours to discuss, at hand, vorhanden. But to our title again:
DO I REALLY wish? Or, is the more appropriate term ‘miss’ or ‘miss again’? So, should we rather say ‘I miss’ [from time-to-time] being younger again? For
LOGICALLY, EVEN IF that wish is a wish, those who say it have some kind of hope that the wished-thing may fructify(!) – someway somehow? ‘How – for example?’, you may ask: Our answers:
WELL, BY THE grace of mother Luck, by the power of ‘Magic’; by an exceptional case, et cetera. Like they say in the books of children and adults; like they claim in the stories of the ‘Fountain of Youth’! Was not that what many were in search for – leading even to the discoveries, settlements, and occupation of vast new lands and territories? Those are what meet your eyes and mine – in voluminous volumes of History books, each time we may think of browsing on them. Ain’t that right?
WHEREAS, WHEN WE say How I miss… etc. and you don’t say this every minute or second; so, only sometimes, your being about-convinced to be younger again is almost non-wishable in true-to-life situations; ergo (even), almost an impossibility. But with this in mind, again we come – and, reconsidering:
ON THE OTHER hand, if you say I miss being younger again, more people – and friends, etc., will be saying: ‘what’s that again?’ ‘miss being…’ do you have an alternative way of saying that again, please? And so, our title bears a wish and not a miss. So, ‘wish’ or ‘miss’ being… why?
BECAUSE IT IS an ‘accepted fact’ that: once you’re no longer ‘young’, you cannot go back to being young, unless… Yes! you know what I mean – as what many books across the ages had have indicated – or highlighted; as what some individuals of Today – literary or otherwise, advocate as ‘not really that fictional’.
IN MY PARTICULAR case, I can only ‘miss’ – sometimes at splits of a second – in my life; even if what comes out of my lips is I ‘wish’. Further, these times are not like the times of Yore, of the wishing star, of those exceptional ‘cases’ – written or told’. Meanwhile, dear Reader, we’re still in the same plane of reasoning, aren’t we? So,
MY YOUNGER YEARS were cradled by those who took care of me – relatives ‘near’, far, even ‘distant’; or otherwise. Further, yes truly so and that
MY YOUNGER YEARS were fortified by those who lavished on me appreciation or praises for my modest achievements in the Past; but alas! I must also come to grips with Reality itself: that I am myself now – in my non-younger years; and ‘missing’ at times – or yes, wishing: I was younger again! Ayo, Ayo, Ino!