June 20, 2024

UNCLE, SIFA’Y MAI bottos? (Transl: “Uncle, whom shall we vote for?”) is an often-asked question – especially by the younger (generation) pamangkins, i.e. nephews and/or nieces.
[IN THESE CONTEMPORARY times – and (again) especially in ‘these Heights’, ditoy Kabanbantayan, pamangkins come under several (technical) references and recognition: consanguinal, affinal, and putative.
[CONSANGUINAL = INT: your sibling, cousin, or relative’s children; Affinal = int: your in-laws’ children; and Putative = int: others, all others – who address you as: “uncle” or “aunt(ie)”.
[IN MY PARTICULAR case, I address them all by the one, general term of: pamangkin – as they address me too: ‘uncle’. Yes, you bet a feeling of mutual respect, honour, and personal worth obtaining – each time this thing happens. Now, to my answer(s) to that one question of whom to vote for(?) – and let me speak in: general, neutral, and sincere terms. Hereunder I disclose, and verily – if you ask me again]:
FIRSTLY, I GO – and let’s go, for: the humble, simple, and modesty-spoken one, hutta akumbaba, asimpli, tan ooneyton man ahsel.
YOU’LL AGREE THAT many other qualities e.g. prudence, (wider) understanding, etc., emanate from this basic character trait of humilitas, or humility – being humble.
SECONDLY, YES! LET’S go for the crystal, glasnost, transparent one, hutta mahsas, maimaton tan mapoot numan – in speech and his actions; in his/her personal dealings with you, and with others.
WHEN A PERSON manifests these qualities usually or ordinarily – at most times, most likely – ehdavit/mapatnag, we can expect, upon his assumption to ‘power’, some ounces – or lots of: honesty, fairness, and judicious acumen from the natural inside of him – akin to what we sometimes term as enam-ai ja mekonsensya; [so that] the consequent action of his is to give often – or always: sound and decisive advices, in his capacity as a public-service officer.
THIRD AND FINALLY, Duty, Country, and Good Sense call upon us – in these very challenging times, to contribute our efforts – in however able way: for our quick – or eventual, delivery from the deadly sufferings hovering over the world; so that, in this context,
LET’S GO AND vote for the real, political (or politically-inclined) Frontliners! [Salutate: we salute you!].
ANYWAY, IT IS easy to spot them; they’re everywhere – and you and I have witnessed or heard – [even] know, of their ‘feats’, daring deeds, and tours de force – for and in-defence of others, of themselves, and of humanity – as a whole, ain’t that right?
YES! NO NEED to ‘search for’ them; they’re all over and around: some, your relatives and friends; some, ‘new’ to you; etc.; but let the qualification ‘true Frontliner’ suffice as foremost – in our would-be Criteria – come Voting time!
THOSE THREE AFOREDISCUSSED ones are my prime answers to all pamangkins – if you ask me again, or this time. Same should be for our other folks who may seek our opinion – on: who really to vote for! Ayo, ayo, ino.