June 21, 2024

The Ifugao State University (IFSU) held a workshop titled “Technology Promotion of IFSU Agri-Aqua Innovations through Commercialization and the Art of Pitching” from April 23 to 25 at the main campus.

The workshop, spearheaded by the IFSU Intellectual Property Technology Business Management (IPTBM) Center, aligns with the National Innovation Month theme “Unboxing the Filipinnovation mindset.”

It empowers researchers by equipping them with the skills to pitch or present their innovation to investors or potential partners and commercialize or turn their inventions into products or services that can be sold in the market for a profit.

In his opening remarks, Campus Executive Director Nathaniel F. Dimog expressed his hope that participants will become trailblazers in promoting innovations in the university.

He also noted the workshop’s contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 1 or Ending Poverty by fostering economic sustainability in agriculture that will benefit both innovators and investors.

The workshop delved into the importance of intellectual property protection. IPTBM Center Director Dr. Moses B. Appoy reiterated the need for licensing and patenting before public disclosure.

Resource speaker Dr. Lily Ann Lando, officer-in-charge of WorldFish Center-Philippines, encouraged participants to adopt a “growth mindset” as it allows them to continuously improve.

She also introduced key concepts in technology promotion, including market understanding, communication strategies, and effective partnerships.

“Tailor the message to the target audience. Use narratives to communicate science,” she added, highlighting the power of stories, testimonials, or entertainment education in effectively reaching out to both investors and users/buyers.

A crucial aspect of the workshop involved faculty and staff from all six campuses participating in a mock pitching session. They presented their innovations to fellow participants acting as potential investors.

Lando provided feedback, highlighting the importance of concise yet impactful presentations, audience connection through language, and underscoring the value proposition such as convenience, environmental friendliness, and heritage-rootedness of their technologies.

“Your presentation should fit you,” she said, emphasizing one’s strategies should also complement their personality. 

Lando also stressed the importance of connecting with the audience’s emotions.

“People are more likely to buy into ideas that resonate with them, so infuse your pitches with emotional connection,” she said. – Faith B. Napudo