April 24, 2024

Child-friendly visitation area in jail? Yes, there’s one at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology-Ifugao District Jail (IDJ) at Tiger Hill in Banguigue, Kiangan.

The IDJ child-friendly visitor’s area is the first of its kind in the Cordillera.

BJMP-Cordillera Director Jail Chief Superintendent Revelina Sindol, IDJ Chief Inspector Gannisi Olosan, Gov. Jerry Dalipog, Vice Gov. Glenn Prudenciano, and First Ifugao Provincial Mobile Force Company Acting Force Commander Police Lt/Col. Cesar Mallong led the inauguration of the visitor’s area on March 21.  Rev. Father Felix Bay-ong blessed the facility.

The area is a separate section of the jail located in front of the IDJ building. It has child-friendly amenities such as toys, games, and art supplies to help children feel comfortable and entertained during their visit. The walls were also decorated with bright colors, murals, and other child-friendly designs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Funds for the construction came from a raffle-for-a-cause conducted by the IDJ in December 2022.

With the new facility, the IDJ can provide an appealing and nurturing space for children who will visit their parents.

The BJMP is mandated to provide humane safekeeping and development of PDLs in all jails nationwide, and to maintain ties with their families, PDLs are allowed to receive visitors. Prisons though convey negative impressions among children visiting their incarcerated parent or guardian.

To address such concern, the BJMP issued Memorandum Circular 115 for the establishment of the visitor’s area that is conducive to children and visitors.

Sindol lauded the IDJ for establishing a conducive visitor’s area and thanked the provincial and local government units, partner agencies, and the participants for supporting the raffle-for-a cause. 

“We hope this child-friendly area will serve as a model for other jail facilities nationwide and for its warden to take similar initiatives. Together, we can create a safer and more inclusive community for all as BJMP ensures the humane safekeeping of all persons deprived of liberty,” Sindol said. 

Dalipog also congratulated the IDJ led by Warden Olosan for initiating projects not only for the good of the inmates but for their loved ones as well. – Florida Robles