July 18, 2024

The Ifugao Provincial Health Office heightened its efforts against dengue as the province recorded 216 dengue cases from January to May.

Four towns have recorded the highest number of cases with Lagawe logging 41 cases; Aguinaldo, 38 cases; Asipulo, 37 cases; and Banaue, 28 cases. 

PHO Sanitary Inspector Satornino D. Angiwan said one of the reasons for the increasing dengue cases in Lagawe is the community’s lack of trust in their programs and failure to follow the recommendations of the PHO and the Department of Health.

Angiwan reiterated their 4-S program to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, that pertains to search and destroy, self-protection, seek early consultation, and support fogging or spraying.

He also suggested the giving of an award to the best implementer of waste management to increase participation among the barangays and municipalities in cleaning the potential breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

The PHO also provides a larvicide to reduce mosquitoes the population of Aedes Aegypti, the dengue carrier.

Angiwan said they are also reinforcing ‘operation taob’ within the municipality, which is one of the DOH’s programs to control transmission of dengue virus by cleaning the surroundings and emptying mosquitoes breeding sites.

The PHO is also conducting surveys to be used evidence in their information campaign materials, which are distributed to the communities.

Yvonne M. Ladunan, Health Education Officer II, said they will continuously conduct cleanup drives, operation linis, oplan tumba, and monitoring to protect populations and keep the public safe from the breeding grounds that may propagate the dengue virus.

Angiwan said they use incense and chalk to reduce dengue cases when there is an outbreak in the municipality.

However, this is costly so they occasionally conduct fogging or spraying.

The dengue virus causes flu-like symptoms for two to seven days, which may include high fever, pain behind eyes, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands and joints, bone or muscle pains, and rash.

The DOH advised the public to follow the 4-S against dengue, especially during the rainy season. – Jayson M. Madlus