April 23, 2024

Cordilleran wushu-taulo athlete Thornton Quieney Lou Sayan led members of the national team in landing fourth overall with six gold and six silver medals in the 2021 Asian Traditional Wushu online competition.

The recent competition saw the participation of more than 200 athletes from 21 wushu associations and 163 exponents from various parts of Asia, including the Philippines.

Sayan, of the University of the Cordilleras clinched two gold medals in the nan quan and single weapon, where he excelled in previous international competitions.

Another Cordilleran athlete, Jones Inso, captured one gold in taiga weapon and a silver medal in tai ji quan.

Multi-titled national squad member Daniel Parantac, on the other hand, won two silver medals in tai ji quan and taiji weapon.

Another veteran campaigner, Agatha Wong, matched Sayan’s accomplishment with two gold medals in tai ji quan and taiga weapon.

Dave Degas, on other hand, clinched a gold medal in the soft double weapon and silver in quan.

Johnzenth Cajo contributed two silver medals for the national squad courtesy of his excellent performance in quan and ingle weapon.

The online competition was held in lieu of the Asian Wushu Championship that was put on hold due to the continuing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Wushu Federation of Malaysia and Wushu Federation of Asia have pushed for the conduct of the online competition, which was co-hosted by the Negeri Sembilan Wushu Dragon and Lion Association, Wushu Academy Malaysia, the China Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan, China Olympic Council of Malaysia, and the National Sports Council.

The event was the first online competition organized by WFM and WFA where various technical issues had to be resolved.

“We are touched as some wushu associations have put in a lot of effort to overcome tethering issues on Internet connections, video equipment, and venue for the online competition. This is the highest level of spirit reflected in wushu,” said WFM president Datum Chong Kim Fatt. – Harley F. Palangchao