June 21, 2024

As the school year started this August, most students and at times the teachers struggle to connect with each other due to various factors.
This school year takes a lot of work not only for the students but also for teachers. The struggles we face are a lot different from face-to-face communication, where we can have the support and we can easily approach our teachers when we need help or when we don’t understand the lesson. It was also easier to disseminate information and distribute class works.
However, today students struggle with their mental health and physical well being. It is also difficult managing their time and avoiding distractions at home. An online class is hard especially because we can’t have the support that we normally receive through face-to-face classes.
Teachers are also having a rough time dealing with online classes because they also have responsibilities at home especially those with children to take care of.
From what I am going through right now, I can say it is hard because I have to wake up early to check for announcements from different group chats in my messenger account. My class starts at 8 a.m. up to 2 p.m. and sometimes after class I am still with my laptop doing assignments, requirements, and other tasks.
It is hard for me because I have to stay in front of my laptop most of the time and sometimes I get frustrated because distractions are all around. At times I don’t understand some of the lessons. But thanks to my teachers because they record their discussions so students who don’t understand the lesson can go back and listen to the podcast of the lesson. Our teachers are approachable and are easy to contact in case we don’t understand the lessons or if we have questions to ask.
But more often than not, teachers struggle in handling their classes because some have a class from morning to evening. Imagine a teacher having 30 units and only have an hour break. They also have to struggle to connect to their students, who may choose an online class or a modular class.
It is hard for teachers to contact students especially when the students don’t have a strong Internet connection. Teachers talk to little boxes on their laptop screen and they might not know that their students are busy doing other things.
Both sides have struggles. Students get frustrated with tasks that are not clear, discussions that are not understood, when their Internet connection fails, and problems to deal with at home. Some teachers are still learning how to use different social media platforms for online class, so it is important for students to be patient and understanding by teaching them if we can without forgetting to respect them. They also are exhausted for having a little break, and they also have personal concerns to deal with.
Let us all be aware of our mental and physical health. Let us not drain ourselves from frustrations and stress.
We should bear in our minds to help each other out. Communication is key to everything because when we can talk to some of our friends even virtually, it can help us a lot.
Let us appreciate our teachers. They are also facing struggles and hard times.
Let us pray that next year, everything will be fine and will go back to normal. — Nathalyn Lopez