May 23, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Athletes from this capital town who represented Mountain Province and have garnered medals in the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (Caraa) Meet 2024 in Apayao will receive a cash incentive of up to P10,000 from the municipal government.

Ordinance 381, s. 2023 offers cash rewards based on the level of accomplishment in regional, national, and international competitions.

CARAA 2024 MEDALISTS — The secondary girls from Mountain Province composed of Sherly Galeng, Vivian Chapyosen, and Sharee Rose Dolipas with coach Mary Ann Dolipas placed second in sepak takraw during the recent CARAA Meet 2024 in Luna, Apayao. The Bontoc municipality, meanwhile, will reward players who won medals in the CARAA with cash incentives. — Apayao PIO photo

For individual competitions, a gold medalist at the regional level will receive P5,000 while the silver medalist and bronze medalist will receive P3,000 and P2,000, respectively.

In national competitions, these incentives significantly increase, with the gold medalist earning P10,000, silver medalist P7, 000, and the bronze medalist, P5,000.

International competitions, spanning ASEAN, Asian and World levels, offer varying incentives. For instance, gold medalists in the ASEAN category will receive P15,000, silver medalist P10,000, and bronze medalist P5,000.

The rewards for the Asian category are even higher, with a gold medalist earning P30,000; silver medalist P15,000; and bronze medalist P10,000.

The world category tops the list, with the gold medalist receiving P100,000; silver medalist P50,000; and bronze medalist P30,000.

The ordinance also recognizes the contribution of coaches and trainers who play a pivotal role in nurturing the skills and talents of these high-achieving individuals.

Coaches and trainers will receive 10 percent of the financial incentives awarded to the winners for regional and national competitions. For international or world competitions, they will receive 20 percent of the financial incentives.

For paired or group competitions, the incentives follow a similar structure.

At the regional level, gold medalists can earn up to P10,000, with silver and bronze medalists receiving P7,000 and P5,000, respectively.

National competitions offer increased incentives, with the gold medalists receiving P15,000; silver medalists P10,000; and bronze medalists P7,000.

International competitions, spanning ASEAN, Asian, and World levels, offer substantial rewards. Gold medalists in the ASEAN category can receive P20,000 while silver medalists are granted P15,000 and bronze medalists P10,000.

In the Asian category, gold medalists receive P50,000; silver medalists P25,000; and bronze medalists P20,000. The world category offers the highest rewards, with gold medalists receiving P150,000; silver medalists P100,000; and bronze medalists P50,000. – Alpine L. Killa-Malwagay