March 5, 2024

Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. wants to establish a Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team Insurance Program in Baguio.

In his proposed ordinance, Yangot wants the insurance program to provide the barangay tanod in the 128 barangays with group insurance benefits to cover accidental death or dismemberment and burial expenses.

The proposal is anchored on  Section 393, Chapter 4 of the Local Government Code, which states, “All duly appointed members of the barangay tanod brigades, or their equivalent, which shall number not more than 20 in each barangay, shall be granted insurance or other benefits during their incumbency, chargeable to the barangay or the city or municipal government to which the barangay belongs.”

Yangot said the barangay tanod provide security to their respective barangays, maintain peace and order, and serve as indispensable partners of the police force in the locality.

“For all their sacrifices, they receive a meager honorarium or allowance which is not even enough to support a family. In case of death or incapacity while performing their duties and responsibilities, they do not get any compensation or remuneration,” he said.

Under the proposed ordinance, an initial amount of P2 million shall be appropriated from the city’s general fund, which may be increased by the mayor as deemed necessary.

The Liga ng mga Barangay shall recommend at least three competent and reliable insurance firms to handle the said group insurance. The proposal was referred to the committee on appropriations and finance Cluster A. – Jordan G. Habbiling