May 28, 2024

Logistics and supply chain management companies and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) need to invest in innovative technology to meet growing demand as the economy is expected to stage its post-pandemic recovery.

“We have to even now prepare for the post-pandemic (future). We have to have this innovation, we have to be innovative for us to survive, so this is the way to go,” Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) Executive Director Corazon Curay said in a webinar.

She said the supply chain has long been not just about moving goods but includes activities from connecting the suppliers and partners to producing and delivering products that will provide more value to both customers and businesses.

“A world class supply chain is essential in keeping businesses competitive and elevating the quality of life of everyone involved. As such, it’s important that all players continue to work together to realize common goals and achieve common benefits,” she added.

Curay also underscored the need for partners and stakeholders to expand collaboration to ensure the continued competitiveness of the Philippine supply chain and business.

Lalamove Philippines Managing Director Dannah Majarocon said more companies and MSMEs have already started embracing technology, especially in the midst of the pandemic that allowed them to survive.

“For the past two years, a lot of businesses have been functioning fully online. Now that the economy is reopening, now that businesses are back in their premises, in their brick-and-mortar locations, they now have two channels – online and offline. And this is only going to continue to grow their own business – whether you are a retail, whether you are in F&B (food and beverage) or whatever industry,” she said.

Majarocon said her company particularly has to meet both online and offline surge in deliveries as demand of consumers and businesses grows.

Retailer JG Superstore co-founder Jill Tan said businesses need to plan to “grow very quickly.”

“Now we are post-pandemic, one of our strategies or decisions is to really think ahead and plan ahead what will happen five years from now because we cannot plan for just a year or for the next year. But we have to plan for five years what is going to happen and how we do that,” she said.

As businesses enter the so-called new normal, Majarocon said in the area of on-demand delivery technologies, there are still a lot of uncertainties on regulations and how platforms are managed.

“But the good news is conversations with relevant government agencies are already happening. Anything new, any new industry begs for clearer understanding and further study,” she said.

“When you go city to city, region to region, there are also varying policies so I think it’s just a matter of time. We have better or a more unified understanding of how the industry really moves, and will allow varying government agencies to really create one consolidated policy surrounding these,” she added. – Press release