June 21, 2024

The City Engineer’s Office and City Planning and Development Office assured that the Irisan Eco-Park Environment and Remediation Plan will be presented to stakeholders before it undergoes bidding.
City Engineer Edgar Victorio Olpindo and CPDO head Donna Tabangin made the assurance to Mayor Benjamin Magalong to gather suggestions and contributions which residents of Barangay Irisan may have for the improvement of the project, which is located at the city’s former dumpsite.
Tabangin said the project is a collaborative effort of the CPDO, CEO, City Environment and Parks Management Office, City Buildings and Architecture Office, and the General Services Office.
The plan consists of supplemental re-engineering measures that include slope protection, methane collection and leachate collection systems, and landscaping plan; defining ecological index of air and groundwater, biodiversity, soil fertility, visual impact and health; develop a business model; and integrate to the city’s urban green network.
It includes creation of a bamboo trail, dap-ay, labyrinth, Spartan (obstacle race), and watchtower/view deck, among other features. – Gaby B. Keith