May 20, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong has ordered contractors of road works to provide prior notices to the public before starting any work to minimize inconvenience to commuters and the general public.

Magalong on July 8 issued Executive Order 76, s. 2022 mandating contractors to provide prior notice and information or road works for the general welfare of the public.

In the order, Magalong said “all contractors of road repair, widening and improvement works within Baguio City, whether these be national roads, city roads or barangay roads, shall notify the City Engineering Office and the Sangguniang Barangay having proper jurisdiction over their site of works, of projects at least five days prior to commencing operations.”

 The order likewise stated prior to commencing operations and for its duration, appropriate signages and announcements shall be placed in a conspicuous area to properly inform the public.

Contractors of road works that may affect the ingress and egress of a dwelling, building or other structure are mandated to serve a written notice to the owner, administrator or current occupant of the affected property at least five days before the works are to commence.

“If contractors do not comply, please notify me so I can immediately issue a cease and desist order,” the mayor said.

He added the contractors’ failure to issue prior notice is an “irresponsible behavior and has been causing severe traffic every weekend.”  

The City Engineering Office was directed to submit a weekly inventory of new and ongoing road works to the city’s Public Information Office to disseminate through all media channels. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan