June 17, 2024

COME THE LAST two lines of Bill Anderson in his much-remembered song: To be alone, now herein rendered as simply tba.
[TO BE ALONE – as a song, was first featured here, with analyses of the first lines of its Stanza I. When son Riese McMorr saw the article (tba song, Supra), he immediately sent me a complete copy of the song version, plus the tune. There’s where we got the last two lines.. now, our title: “It doesn’t worry me.. tba”].
tba IS AN abbreviation for to-be-alone, taken here as a ‘Philosophy’ or a WOT (Way of Thinking); or, as a simple song.
AS A PHILOSOPHY, it could bend or lend emphasis onto: Individualism, Nietschian Existentialismus, Natural Selection, even material Accuracy.. towards ‘Perfection’ itself.
AS A WOT, it may dwell on choices or preferences.. even for the ‘regular’ individual e.g. taking the introvert over the ‘gregarious’ Stance; the ‘independent’ over the cooperative and collaborative, and what have you.
[BUT WE WON’T lengthen our touch on its (tba’s) applications as a Philosophy or a WOT. We’re yet to its use or application most basic, i.e. as a song. So that, as such;
tba COULD BE meant: physically that is, only you is inside your room; in your (little) ‘corner of the world’; if a domicile, in a prison cell, et cetera.
DOES NOT ANY of these – or being in any of these, worry you at all? Or, does it – a mite, or even.. ‘just a little’?
tba COULD BE also meant: in-Mind. For example: you are actually in a group; or, you’re a member of a club or something; etc., yet, according to your own ‘assessments’: you’re not ‘heard’ nor included; and looking at things as they are, you’re convinced: you’re in fact, alone!
SO, YOU QUIT; you resign; you discontinue association with the organization and with the other members. Remember: the feeling of tba in this case was only at first: in-Mind.
AND NOW, YOU’RE much ‘happier’? Or, is it ‘the other way around’?
IF YOU’RE ‘HAPPIER’, then you sing by your spirits or by yourself: “Hallelujah I made the right decision!” but
IF YOU’RE NOT – which means now you’re sad as can be, then come your regrets; you even bewail yourself: “woe, I’m most unfortunate!”
AH, TO-BE-ALONE – tba, why did you lead her so astray!
BUT ‘DECISIONS’ ARE made by thinking individuals; and often: their ‘decisions’ are selected or ‘screened’ – from other worthy options! Or, do we mean:
WHEN THE INDIVIDUAL was doing the ‘screening’ and all that, the ‘failed’ choice now she is regretting for, figured like a ‘Mirage’? And triggered and nursed by the Angst or worries per se of the elusive tba in-Mind? Still
TBA IS REALITY itself – whether physically, or just in the ‘silly’ Mind. It comes to you all of a sudden, it grips your character, your strength, etc,; then, you wave it aside; perhaps emphatically saying: be gone! Noli maerere ostium meum!, “Don’t darken my room!”
AND IT WILL – yes, it will – in most likelihood, go away.. for a while? for sometime? Or, forever?
BUT IF IT ‘comes back’.. or will ‘keep coming back’, what is in-store for you to do?
OF COURSE, INITIALLY, you keep driving it ‘away from you’.. in the language befitting like: “Didn’t I say before ‘be gone!’ or, leave me alone, willye? Or, stop annoying me, please! et cetera?
TBA THEN, WHETHER imagined or physically felt, seen, etc., could be of many ‘roles’ in our lives as human beings. Despite the many ‘un-accords’ attributed to it, knowing or realizing it is there, gives you enough ‘confidence’ to spring from it – or from the thought of it – to the other extreme: that of “No worries!”; or, to other like nobler heights!

BUT WHY IS Bill Anderson – in the two last lines of his song, saying: “It doesn’t worry me, to be alone!”
IF YOU GO back to the Stanza before this, he speaks of a ‘much much deeper Consolation’ when he went: ‘head bowed down on (his) knees..’ xxx
ERGO, WE COULD take queue from him, that when all other remedies to banish the oppression, the pain come to naught – and so on, of being alone, we could
DO AS HE did: humble ourselves before the Lord and receive that much much deeper Consolation; and tba shall well.. distance itself!