December 7, 2023

THIS TIME, LET’S start with my Kabayan/Batan ancestor: Agsawal III (The ‘III’ here means: he is the 3rd Agsawal to be mentioned in Ibaloi genealogy].
HE ‘COMES’ – (I.E. if he is not a son from Agsawal II – one of the children of pan-Ibaloi progenitors Af-afu Amdikit and Chamdja – in what used to be Embossi/Ambuse. (-near today’s Pacso,) Kabayan.
[HOW MANY CHILDREN do the family trees indicate: 10 or 11? One of them – the 3rd to-the-youngest(?) was Agsawal – who later went to – or married in: Batan, Kabayan.
[THE ELDEST – BAROY, went ‘back’ and settled in Baguio/Kafagway; of course, with his father’s blessings – the books say. Amkidit was from Baguio and Chamdja was from Kabayan. By the way, the ‘original’ Agsawal, Afu ni nankobal (“ancestor of the Kobal/G-stringed men) – ‘ANK’, in some family trees, was the father of great ancestress, Chamdja). Now, to my genealogical connexion with the IKabayans:
AGSAWAL iii – DESCENDED from Agsawal II of Batan, and Agsawal I or ANK of Embossi, – if data are accurate: he would be my FMF – Father’s mother’s father; or, in informal reference: my great-grand father. Yes, that’s him: Agsawal III
[THERE IS NO verified data yet whether Agsawal II was his father – or grandfather; but yes, the same family line they are, the Oral Historians ‘consent’]. From Batan
HE MOVED TO Tublay – and resided there. For how long? Did he have a family there? etc., our Informants cannot say; but he finally settled and ‘permanently’ – in Viract, Itogon when he married Dangaja. They had nine children: eight girls and only one son: Mangkilig (Some descendants of his spell and presently use Mangilig – as rendered too in family trees).
OF THE EIGHT sisters of Afu Mangilig, one is Do-shai, My father’s mother, or my grandmother – thus now descended from Batan and Embossi (Kabayan) ancestors. My next genealogical, Kabayan connexion: Bajés Obanan.
LITERALLY, THE NAME translates as “Bajes, the white-haired one”.
IT IS SAID, Shaka Sodsora, in many a raconteur’s songs, that whenever you see two bands fighting, you can recognize immediately – even from a far distance that ‘one side’ are the Ibatans, by means of their white hairs. Legend or no legend – even today, some individuals who have white head hairs before their age are said to have Batan ancestry, no malice, no pre-judgement bias; po.
IN THOSE FIGHTS or encounters, it is said: one fighter-leading was Bajes, the white-haired one – Bajes Obanan; or Bajes, the Ibatan [though some local historians contest that Afu Bajes was not ‘pure’ Ibatan; rather, his wife Deboja was].
ONE OF THEIR children was Inza, who got married to Bangkak Ngimol, the Iowak, and these begot four children – one boy and three girls: Kibasjo or Angel, Agumey, Cincha, and Shadina. Cincha is my MMM or Mother’s mother’s mother; or, in regular parlance, my great-grandmother. And then, my next genealogical Kabayan connexion: ancestor To-to, of Embossi.
WHEN AFU TO-TO married afu Kal-ing of Nawal, they begot two daughters: Bacniat and Ongbos.
BACNIAT GOT MARRIED to Palangjos, the Iowak. They begot Sadopao who married Shingkayas, and these begot Nahjon, my mother’s paternal grandfather; or, my great-grandfather; or, mother’s father’s father; or MFF. Let me end there in the meantime. Now, to sum it up.
ASSUMING THAT THE data all are (close to) or accurate, today’s descendants of Afu To-to in Kabayan would be my 5th cousins; those of Afu Bajes Obanan: my 5th or 4th cousins!
SOME, AND MANY of the Ikabayans know and are aware of those details; some not yet. I saw and have held Benguet family trees bearing 10 generations.
HISTORIANS AND ANTHROPOLOGISTS – both foreign and local, say the Philippine group that has the most extensive family/genealogical trees are the Ifugaos: they trace up to the 14th generation. Ayuhh nete!