May 24, 2024

The regional health unit (RHU) in Kabayan, Benguet is undergoing renovation to become a super RHU to better serve the medical needs of the municipality and nearby towns.

The Provincial Information Office reported last week the provincial government funded the renovation worth P16 million.

Gov. Melchor Diclas said P6M will be used for the completion of the first phase of the project while P10M will be spent for the remaining phase.

Diclas has committed to give additional funding for medical machines for the eventual establishment of a super RHU.

The renovation, which is expected to be finished next year, is in coordination with the municipal government.  

Diclas said the Department of Health also gave additional P4 million funding for the ongoing construction of another phase of the super RHU.

The first super health center of the province was established last year at Camp 30, Barangay Caliking, Atok. 

The projects are under the Healthier Benguet thrust of the current administration of the province, aims to provide better health care to the public.  

DOH reported the super RHU (for rural areas) and super health centers (for urban areas) are established to decongest public hospitals which are primarily located in towns and cities.

Low-risk, less serious and uncomplicated cases will be brought to super health facilities to be treated.

Under phase one, a super health center can provide primary care services such as cancer screenings, cardiovascular health screenings, diabetes screenings, consultation and medication prescriptions, immunizations, minor surgical procedures, and birth control services including ultrasounds.

For phase two, diagnostic services and care will be available such as radiology, ultrasound, and laboratory tests.

The super health centers and super RHUs are established in support of the Philippine health agenda “Boosting Universal Health Care”. 

The program provides funds to the local government units for the improvement of public health facilities by constructing new and for upgrading and rehabilitating existing public health facilities including barangay health stations, rural health units, and government hospitals. – Ofelia C. Empian