April 14, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Kalinga State University (KSU) will provide an opportunity for undergraduate college students who are working to pursue a bachelor’s degree through flexible options.

KSU was recently deputized by the Commission on Higher Education to offer the Expanded Tertiary Education, Equivalency, and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) after submitting all relevant documents and undergoing technical panel visit.

KSU President Eduardo T. Bagtang said the university will offer two programs under the ETEEAP umbrella – Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Arts in History.

The ETEEAP is a comprehensive tertiary educational assessment program that identifies, certifies, and assigns equivalencies to information, skills, attitudes, and values that people have acquired via pertinent employment. It is carried out by higher education institutions deputized to confer the relevant college degree.

The ETEEAP is open to applicants with other pre-grad courses who want to finish college but are given the degree offered under the program only, Bagtang added.

For interested applicants employed in government or private agencies, the course requires submission of records of work experience, trainings, workshops or other related enhancements for unit equivalency.

If there are still remaining units, the applicants will enroll in ETEEAP modality where they attend scheduled classes, workshops and trainings not necessarily in a classroom set-up, Bagtang said.

Interested individuals may visit the KSU Office of Distance Education, Transnational Education and International Linkages for assessment and other details.

KSU is the first state university in the Cordillera deputized to offer the ETEEAP.

Bagtang said KSU’s pioneering role in ETEEAP not only underscores its commitment to academic excellence, but also positions the institution as a catalyst for educational innovation. – Larry Lopez