May 24, 2024

The local government unit of La Trinidad, Benguet is humbled by the gesture of the city government of Baguio in expressing its gratitude to the nearby LGU for donating vegetables to various barangays in the city at the height of the lockdown.

“We are thankful of the city’s commendation, at least they have recognized the work of the farmers, disposers and vegetable dealers and other volunteers,” said La Trinidad Vice Mayor Roderick Awingan.

Awingan said the program was originally meant to help the farmers who are incurring losses due to unsold vegetables when transportation is restricted. He said the municipality and kindhearted individuals have been giving farmers cash assistance and a sack of rice to compensate their losses with their unsold produce.  

Seven months after the program was launched, the farmers and disposers are still giving away their vegetables to several barangays or groups that request for assistance.

Awingan said the LGU has set-up a system wherein a volunteer would go around various trading centers to look for donors who would like to give the vegetables they harvested. The sangguniang bayan would then identify the barangays or groups that would receive the donations.

“This program will continue as long as there are people who are willing to donate their vegetables,” Awingan said.

Through a resolution, the city government thanked the local government unit of La Trinidad led by Mayor Romeo Salda, Vice Mayor Roderick Awingan, the town council, volunteers, stall owners, and farmers for reaching out to the city residents.

Since the community quarantine up to now, farmers and traders donated around 100 tons of vegetables to residents, volunteer groups, and community kitchens, among others. – Ofelia C. Empian