April 17, 2024

YMCA Baguio/Cordillera Career and Development College surprised the field with its six-gold medal haul including three silver and two bronze me-dals although it fell short behind Lakay Central Gym for a decent second place finish overall in the 40th Grapplers’ Cup on weekend.

Andro Kienh Cudao led YMCA after bagging the gold in the seniors male 72 to 79-kilogram novice category with Rizaldy Rivera adding another gold in the seniors male 65 to 71-kg. novice while Klein Ashrell Sudango topped the seniors male 50-kg. below.

LOCKED — Team Lakay Central Gym’s Dalemarie Mayos went for a submission attempt against her opponent during the Team Lakay 40th Grapplers’ Cup on March 3 at the YMCA gym in Baguio City. — Contri-buted photo

Zhil Castiel Corpuz, Adrian Seth Arorong, and Cyrus Kendrick Aniban dominated their divisions en route to bagging gold medals.

Grapplers from Lakay Central gym continue to dominate the event, grabbing seven gold, four silver, and three bronze medals in Team Lakay’s 40th staging of the event which serves as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best grapplers in the region.

Leading the charge for Lakay Central who won gold medals were Hyuma Zan Sibaen, Aeyesha Raven Bantasan, Vincent Bangwa, Ralph Cervantes, Dalemarie Mayos, Jerlyn Kingad, and Ezra Saclag.  

Gridlock Overlimit meanwhile scooped five gold medals and two silver led by Kurt Lawrence Wagayan, Allysa Lapastora, Wren Lumidao, John Louis Ramos, and Rex Gammad.

Ronin Checkmat had four gold, six silver, and three bronze medals to finish fourth overall.

Quads Furukawa MMA, meanwhile, took home three gold, two silvers, and three bronze medals in the one-day competition.

Kaitagi Judo Club also went home with three golds, and one silver while Santolian Warriors, San Gebo Elyu, and Builders Gym all went home with one gold medal apiece.

Twenty teams with close to 200 grapplers joined the event showcasing their technical prowess, strength, and agility, spectators can expect high-octane action and thrilling matches throughout the tournament.

Team Lakay has partnered with YMCA Baguio as part of their commitment to reaching out to the grassroots level and providing opportunities for aspiring grapplers to hone their skills and compete on a larger stage.

A memorandum of agreement signed by Team Lakay chair Mark Sangiao and YMCA president Dennis Basal, secretary-general Rev. Robert Baris Sison and other board of directors co-vers the conditions in the staging of grappling tournaments. – Team Lakay release