June 17, 2024

All is well that ends well is what happened when the meeting among various pageant handlers and the organizing committee of the 2019 Mr. and Ms. Benguet ended to a peaceful discussion over supposed error in the computation of the overall pageant scores.

In a statement released by the provincial government, those in-charge in the computation of scores admitted their lapses.

After the meeting among the Adivay 2019 executive committee, the pageant search committee, municipal coordinators, and the candidates, all agreed to retain the crown of Atok’s Seth Wayne Chacapna and Kibungan’s Marilou Saguidec as Mr. and Ms. Benguet 2019, respectively.

“As such, they will continue to perform their duties and responsibilities, more particularly in promoting sports, health, education, and the like in the province,” the statement reads.

Kapangan’s representatives Novy Jones Aban and Amie Rose Pitas, were given the titles Mr. and Ms. Benguet Adivay 2019. 

“Their task is to promote the culture and tourism of the province,” the statement said.

Kibungan’s Bryan Mazo and Atok’s Karen Evasco were also recognized as two finalists in the pageant. 

“We would like to seek apology to all concerned parties for the lapses that occurred during the pageant. While we admit responsibility, we maintain that said lapses were not intentional,” the statement added.

Benguet Vice Gov. Johnny Waguis said the Mr. and Ms. Benguet and the newly-recognized Mr. and Ms. Benguet Adivay 2019 will be the face of the province in various activities.

The issue stemmed after some handlers of the pageant contestants asked for a copy of the tally sheet of the just-concluded pageant. The handlers of the non-winning contestants noticed discrepancies in the overall scores, thus calling the attention of the organizing committee leading to the discussion.

Waguis clarified that the tabulator made a mistake in the computer program used during the scoring of the top five and not for the whole competition.

He said when they reviewed the scores, Ms. Atok and Mr. Kibungan should have been part of the top five, hence them being recognized as finalists.

“That’s why we cannot declare anyone of those claiming that they are the real winners because Ms. Atok and Mr. Kibungan were left out in the top five. We do not know that if they were given the chance, they might be the winners. That’s the situation,” Waguis said. 

“Kapangan which raised the issue, cannot be declared the winners, although it appears that they are the leading scorers,” he added.

Waguis added all the parties involved accepted the results, saying the peaceful meeting showcased the true values of the  people of Benguet.

The formal presentation of the four winners will be Jan. 6, 2020 at the Capitol during the flag raising ceremony. – Ofelia C. Empian