February 25, 2024

ASIPULO, Ifugao – Residents of this town who are planning to come home for the holiday season were advised to check the protocols set by the Municipal Covid-19 Task Force (MCTF) so they will be guided before travelling.

Individuals or families that intend to spend their holidays in the town must coordinate with the Municipal Health Office (MHO) through 0995-134-0624 at least three days prior to their travel and ask their relatives to request for them a certificate of acceptance from the MHO to enable the office to determine the availability of quarantine areas.

All returning residents must have a travel authority from their point of origin to be checked at the border checkpoint. They must undergo the 14-day mandatory quarantine either at the municipal quarantine facilities or at home.

For those who choose to undergo home quarantine, health workers will inspect the house to check if it is appropriate for isolation.

Families or relatives of those who opt to stay at the quarantine facility must provide for their essential needs such as, but not limited to food, beddings, and cooking and eating utensils among other things.

The municipal government will provide a seven-day food supply consisting of rice and canned goods for adults.

After the 14-day quarantine, a certificate of completion may be requested from the MHO.

“The above mentioned protocols are set to keep every Asipulonians safe this holiday season,” the MCTF stated. – Marcelo B. Lihgawon