June 21, 2024

Members of the Regional Assessment Team (RAT) of the Regional Development Council (RDC)-Cordillera convened on March 7 to validate and shortlist local government unit contenders for the Forwarding Local Autonomy Medal of Excellence (Flame) Awards for submission to the Regional Awards Committee.
Department of the Interior and Local Government Assistant Regional Director and RAT Chairperson Ruperto Maribbay, Jr. said the RDC passed Resolution 50, s. 2014 on the Flame Awards to give recognition to local governments that are able to achieve good governance and in their active participation in RDC-related initiatives.
It also serves as an initial step towards better appreciation and active involvement of LGUs in the region to the efforts of the RDC in managing regional development and in strengthening local-regional partnership towards the desired long-term foundation of regional autonomy, thus advancing equitable and sustainable physical, social, cultural, and economic development for improved quality of life of all Cordillerans.
For this year’s awards, which is held every three years, all 83 LGUs were assessed based on their accomplishments from 2019 to 2021.
Among the criteria are awards/citations received by LGUs in their efforts towards good governance, LGU support to RDC initiatives and advocacies on regional development and autonomy, and participation in RDC-led activities such as meetings and the Cordillera Month celebration.
The LGUs that reached a maximum overall point score of 75 points will be conferred with a medal of excellence.
In 2019, 13 LGUs were recognized during the Flame Awards. – Debbie E. Gasingan