March 5, 2024

Working while studying gives me a different perception of office life. Varying friends to classes and to jobs, all working students will comprehend how complicated life can get. This is always a concern for us, students, who are pursuing our education and earning at the same time. The prime advantage of working while learning is that I groom myself ready for professional life. It is not as easy to work and study at the same time. I have to compromise a lot of things to attain a better life.
As a senior high school working student, the tasks never end until I gave up on my life’s other responsibilities. Throughout my study years, I come across all kinds of students. Some work multiple jobs while going to school full-time. Some have a part-time job, others do random work from time to time, and there are those who don’t work and/or have never worked a day in their life. They are the ones who are living the best life.
My basic problem as a working student is the schedule. We students are considered hard workers. Working hard sometimes leads us to over commitment and can result in the fear of losing the game. We students are stressed to complete all tasks within the given time. Students have to make schedules and work on multiple tasks. I have to be spontaneous with my work-life as well as student life. This may cause me to distance myself from all other social activities and be bound to be loyal to my non-professional work. I am only committed to my work and therefore, spend only a few hours on my studies. Research says these people are most organized and have the ability to manage their time, accordingly.
The life of a working student is complicated. I barely have time for anything or anyone. Sometimes, we have no communication with friends, we show up less to our family and as an older brother sometimes I give an allowance to my younger brother. My educational life is always compromised. I always seek excuses from my teachers. Unfortunately, having to balance a social life, work, family, and time for education is stressful. There’s always something going on and I frequently feel as if I’m being pulled in every possible direction just passing time to see how long you can last before I stretch too thin. This probably isn’t a very healthy lifestyle. Work is really an important factor for me as a student who just can’t afford to pay a single penny to my school. Being stressed by little things is always an issue, but I try to overcome problems the best possible way.
I promise to myself that I will do my best to finish my high school and go to college and have professional work to help my mom and my siblings.