April 22, 2024

Several times in my life, I felt empty, lost and unsure of what I meant to do with my life. This led me to ask myself about the real reason of my existence.
Was there also a point in your life when you asked yourself, “What am I living for?
According to researches, having this kind of feeling is widespread. It can be experienced by people with or without mental health problems. Even successful, rich and famous people can feel desolate despite their wealth, fame and success.
Victor Frankl, a 20th century Austrian psychiatrist said that one of the reasons why people feel lost is because life lacks meaning. He further emphasized the human need for finding meaning in life even in the midst of dehumanizing and difficult situations.
A sense of purpose is central to a productive and joyful life. Hence, it is necessary for us to find the purpose of our life. But how can we discover the meaning of our existence?
Various professionals suggested ways to find meaning in life. These suggestions may be effective for sometime but not for a lifetime. Many people who tried these strategies still felt that something is missing in their lives.
The Bible teaches us that finding purpose in anything other than the Lord will always leave us unfulfilled. It is only through the Lord that we can find the answer we are looking for. He promises that if we seek our purpose in Him, our life will have an eternal impact. As stated in Mathew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”.
The next question we might ask is “How can we fulfill God’s purpose for our life?”
An article published by CornerstoneSF in 2020 suggested three best ways to discover the purpose God has for each one of us. First, read the Bible. The Bible is full of life-giving truth we can use to find direction and fulfill our purpose. Next, pray for direction. Prayer gives us direct line of communication with God. It is through prayers that we can ask God to reveal His purposes for our life and guide us in the direction He wants us to go. Third, draw on your God-given passions. God has given each of us special talents and interests. We should find ways to use these gifts to lead a purposeful life.
The transformation we witnessed from people who adhere to live in God’s will is a proof that only Him can fulfill our lives. Thus, let us start surrendering ourselves to God and allow Him to direct our path. Surely, amazing changes in our lives await us.