June 14, 2024

The Department of the Interior and Local Government-Cordillera strongly urges local chief executives, vice governors, vice mayors, and members of the sanggunian to ensure the timely submission and passage of their respective local annual appropriation ordinances to support the call to end the practice of reenacting the budget in order to not impede development initiatives and fiscal reforms.
“We are urging our local officials to pass their appropriations ordinance on time because we do not want to defer the implementation of new and important government programs, projects, and services,” said OIC Regional Director Araceli San Jose.
She said not adhering to prescribed timelines and having re-enacted budgets “will undoubtedly impede our efforts to combat the Covid-19 and other natural disasters, also especially as we gear towards full-devolution this year and try to bounce better and stronger.”
In the exercise of its general supervision over provinces and highly urbanized cities, the DILG shall require elective local officials who will fail to submit and/or enact appropriation ordinance within the given timeline to submit a written explanation under oath for the non-feasance in enacting the annual appropriation ordinance.
While in the exercise of its supervision over the component LGUs, the province with respect to component cities and municipalities; and the city and municipality with respect to barangays are likewise encouraged and enjoined to require the same.
San Jose said only the annual appropriations for salaries and wages of existing positions, statutory and contractual obligations, and essential operating expenses authorized in the preceding year’s annual and supplemental budgets shall be deemed reenacted.
She added no new positions will be created and no new programs, projects, or activities will be implemented. Non-recurring activities, no matter how important they are, and no supplemental appropriations shall not be implemented under a reenacted budget. – Press release