July 24, 2024

Cordillera golfers were among the top scorers in the 72nd Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament, edging out equally skilled golfers who saw action in the world’s biggest and longest amateur golf tournament.

Although they failed to land as top scorers in their group, Gary Puckett of Greenwater Golfers of California ranked fourth in group 2 with 115 points, the highest among Cordilleran golfers followed by Baguio boy Emilio Curran of Camp John Hay Golf Club Team 1 with 112 points.

SCORING CHAMPIONS — Four Cordillera golfers who are also members of Pines Kumpadres Golf Club, Inc. were individual champions in their respective groups in the recently held 72nd Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament. The champions are (from left) Mars Mudon, George Punasen, Chaharo Galeng, and Francis Calanio. — Contributed photos

Mankayan, Benguet golfer George Punasen of CJHGC Team 1 topped group 4 with 108 points followed by Dai Tsuchiya of Kumpadres and Ranz Louie Bala-                                                                              yodao of CJHGC Team 1 with 105 and 103 points, respectively.

Another Mankayan golfer, Mars Mudon of 3K Rock Eng’g and Const. Corp Team 1 topped group 5 with 110 points followed by his townmate Henry Rosito of Kumpadres with 105 points, Camilo Passi of Bibak NY/NJ                     IGolfers Team 1 with 93, Nicanor Ventura of Baguio Blue Bloods Wackers with 92, and Jeremiah Guanso of Kumpadres with 91.

Chaharo Galeng of Bibak NY/NJ                          IGolfers Team 2 topped group 7 with 98 points followed by Bernard Capuyan of Bibak NY/NJ IGolfers Team 1 with 88, and Mar Bustos of CJHGC Team 2 with 80.

Francis Calanio of Baguio Olympics topped group 9 with 75 points with Dalmacio Sissi-it of 3K Rock ECC Team 2 in fourth place with 63 while Rainer Sarol of Mountaineers Golf Team placed fourth in group 8 with 73 points.

Top Filipino amateur golfer Carl Jano Corpus of the winning Manila Southwoods 1 is this year’s top sco-rer across all groups with 146 points. – Harley F. Palangchao