March 1, 2024

Brave Combat Federation bantamweight world champion Stephen Loman, the longest reigning champion in the Bahrain-based promotion for more than 900 days, is ready to defend his belt against any contender.
The 24-year-old Loman of the famed Team Lakay said he is willing to fight after Brave CF recently announced its readiness to resume MMA promotion that was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
“I have been able to train constantly throughout the lockdown period. I do cardio and technique training every day and I’m ready to fight and defend my title once again,” said Loman, who will defend his belt for the fifth time anytime soon.
Loman said he remains comfortable as the undisputed king of the bantamweight division and he is not in a hurry to become a two-division champion.
“I don’t think I’m changing weight classes anytime soon. I know what my strengths are and how they translate against bantamweights, what techniques I should use, and how to implement them against men of my size,” Loman said in a reply to GDN Online regarding talks that he will move up to a higher weight class.
Loman thanked Brave CF for nurturing him as one of the rising MMA stars with the organization. 
“I believe Brave CF has done all the right moves to become the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world and reach a high level in the industry,” Loman said.
Loman has captured the inaugural Brave CF bantamweight world belt with a technical knockout of Gurdanshan Mangat in November 2017.
Since then, Loman held the title with four successful title defenses against some of the formidable title challengers in the world, including Frans Mlambo, who was one of the former sparring partners of MMA superstar and world champion Conor McGregor.
As a reigning champion, Loman has displayed tremendous improvements in his fight arsenal from striking to ground defense that made him the longest reigning Brave CF champion.
Loman was the unanimous choice for the Brave CF “2019 Fighter of the Year” plum, which he also won in 2018. – Harley F. Palangchao