June 24, 2024

Filipinos truly love Christmas as it is the season where everything is all just full of joy. As early as September, the neighborhood starts to hang parols, set up the Christmas tree, and homes are filled with dashing Christmas lights. Carolers began to sing the Christmas classics. It’s also the time when families attend the Misa de Gallo and indulge in the beloved bibingka and puto bumbong after the mass. I am always excited to witness the streets in the city filled with Christmas-themed decors adding to the holiday spirit. Also, let us not forget the Noche Buena, where we eat a feast with our family. The holiday season has always been my favorite time of the year as it gives comfort and joy.
But in these unprecedented times, the Christmas merriments are different. Some of the wonderful Christmas traditions and practices have to some extent, been compromised. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought us many challenges, including health restrictions and financial difficulties. Nevertheless, despite such a challenging situation, we still are determined to have a meaningful and cheerful holiday season ahead. We always find ways to have fun and enjoy the holiday season with much hope and vigor with friends and family.
Christmas in this time of pandemic still means giving love and joy. The essence of celebrating the Christmas season is more than just having a house full of Christmas lights, a tall Christmas tree full of gifts underneath it, or giving out expensive presents. Christmas means sharing what you have. We are accustomed to material things but let’s also see that a warm and tight hug, a simple “Thank you,” showing appreciation to our loved ones, and forgiveness among others is just as great as receiving presents. This season, let us remember that love is the greatest thing in the world, and no material thing can ever replace that. When love takes over our hearts and minds, everything will follow. The love we receive can be shared with others, even if it’s not Christmas.
Most importantly, Christmas can’t be spelled without “Christ.” We should keep in mind the true reason why we celebrate this holiday. There is no better time than this Christmas season for all of us to rededicate ourselves to the principles taught by our Savior, Jesus Christ. (VINCE ERICK A. CUARESMA)