April 20, 2024

The role of women in society is vital. The human race continues to exist because of women who risk their lives to bear children.
Women do not only give birth, she also nurtures children. She becomes their first teacher. She teaches them good values to become better citizens of the country. She supports their ventures and is always behind them to give them the support they need.
Mothers usually spend most of their time doing household chores to ensure the comfort of their children and their husband. Others help earn a living for the family. They balance their time between work and family. Having a job and caring for the family is not easy. It makes a woman’s life complicated.
I am a working mother. Besides working full-time, I still take care of my children and husband.
Over the years, society has changed its perception about women. Women are no longer considered as inferior than men. A lot of women are making waves in different fields like science, technology, politics, sports, and business.
Although the significance of women in nation building has already been recognized, violence against women and children still exists worldwide. Many suffer from physical, sexual, or emotional abuses from their partners or other men around them. The World Health Organization reported that one out of three women around the world experience either physical or sexual abuse, mostly inflicted by their partners.
Many countries have passed laws to stop domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of violence against women. In the Philippines, Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act of 2004, was implemented to protect women and their children from violence and threats. Some victims were achieved justice but abuses remain. Many Filipino women still suffer from violence.
Violence against women will not end if women remain fragile and intimidated. They must learn to stand and fight for their rights.
Men have a role in empowering women. They should not be the perpetrators of violence against women. After all, they were brought to life and taken care of by women.
Women are by nature caring and loving. They are extraordinary. A world without them is unimaginable. They deserve to be treated with love and respect. — Riza A. Bughong