March 5, 2024

Hedcor’s 19-megawatt La Trinidad Hydro is now powering households and industries with an annual capacity of 59.16GWh of Cleanergy, AboitizPower’s brand for clean and renewable energy.
“To give pride and a sense of ownership to La Trinidad, which has remained very trusting to Hedcor, the  ydropower facility was named as La Trinidad Hydro. The synergy and identity established by Hedcor and the community since 1991 is further strengthened,” said plant manager Peter Tindungan. 
La Trinidad Hydro is the 22nd run-of-river hydropower facility of Hedcor, and with its run-of river scheme, it harnesses the natural might of Balili River. Its generation is delivered to Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. 
Barangays Alapang, Alno, and Bineng, with the La Trinidad Indigenous Peoples Organization fully support the facility.
The three host barangays, the LTIPO, the municipal government, and the provincial government of Benguet will be receiving shares from the hydropower plant’s operation, which increases every five years. Annual and year-long community development initiatives centered on education, healthcare, and enterprise development will also be provided.
In the onset of the partnership, many programs have already been delivered to cater to the needs of La Trinidad. 
Hedcor’s educational assistance for host communities includes school supplies and financial aid to elementary pupils and high school students. Teachers are provided trainings, classrooms are built and some old rooms are refurbished.
“We are thankful that through this initiative of Hedcor, students are driven more to come to school and to excel on their studies,” said Imelda Mang-osan, Benguet National High School Bineng Annex principal. 
Punong Barangay Jonnie Purok is enthusiastic about the medical equipment that include stretchers and oxygen tanks turned over to Barangay Alno.
“Hedcor, since the beginning, has been shouldering the needs of our barangay. We can now monitor and address the health concerns of our constituents through these medical equipment given by Hedcor,” he said.
Hedcor further accelerated countryside development projects to the area through a 1.6-kilometer farm-to-market road that traverses sitios Pitpitay, Bito, and Byugan in Barangay Bineng. Water tapping for small scale farms irrigation will be maintained. 
Hedcor is a run-of-river hydropower arm of AboitizPower. It has a total installed capacity of 277 megawatts of clean and renewable energy. – Press release