February 29, 2024

La Trinidad, Benguet has lauded the barangays, health institutions, academe and other organizations for their excellent conduct of health programs in the capital town.

In the first Salun-at ti La Trinidad Health Awards 2023, Alapang was declared the cleanest and greenest barangay with a P55,000 cash prizefollowed by Bahong with P40,000 prize while Ambiong placed third with P30,000 prize.

Alno in placed fourth with P25,000 prized them Pico with P20,000, and Poblacion with P10,000 prize.  

Special awardees for the best in aksyon barangay kontradengue, zika atchikungunya implementer 2023 with P10,000 prize each were Barangays Ambiong, Pico, Betag, and Balili.

The best in material recovery facility went to Bahong with P10,000 prizewhile Alapangwon the most innovative barangay with P10,000 prize.

Hall of famer awardee for the smoke-free barangay was Lubas while the first place this year is Bahong with P40,000 prize followed by Alapang with P20,000, and Betag with P10,000.

The special awards for the best implementer in active apprehension was Balili and best in MPOWER documentation was Bahong, both receiving P5,000 each.

Also receiving special awards for the quitter’s award were Leo Aguilba, Jr. of Ambiong and Jobert Jones Lauro Alno, who received P2,500 each for their feat of quitting smoking as assisted by their respective health offices.

For the best national voluntary blood services program implementers, first place went to Puguis with P10,000 followed by Alapang with P8,000 and Pico with P5,000.

Best field health service information system implementers were Lubas with P10,000 followed by Puguis with P8,000 and Shilan with P5,000 prize.

The best healthy lifestyle program implementers were Lubas followed by Alapang and Puguis while Betag led all other barangays as the best national immunization program implementer followed by Balili and Alapang, respectively.

The best family planning program implementers were Lubas, Bineng and Shilan while the best maternal and child health care program implementer wasBalili, Puguis and Betag in that order.

Alapang received the best community health team plum as first placer with P15,000 prize followed by Poblacion, Puguis, Balili, and Alno in that order. Those with approved certification of the zero open defecation program and received the P15,000 cash each were Alapang, Betag, Cruz, and Wangal. – Ofelia C. Empian