June 21, 2024
STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL — A winsome lass presents some high-quality strawberries, as the capital town launched last week the Strawberry Festival 2023 set from March 6 to 31. Some of the highlights of the festival are the serving of the twin strawberry cake, street dancing, and float parade, all set on March 18. — Ofelia Empian

The public will get a taste of the giant twin strawberry cake as one of the highlights of the month-long Strawberry Festival in La Trinidad, Benguet next month.
Mayor Romeo Salda said the event on March 18 will relive the 2004 Guinness Book of World Record of the municipality baking the world’s biggest strawberry shortcake, but this time a smaller version. 
This year’s cake will have a height of seven feet by 14 feet and a diameter of five feet, which will be baked with a budget of P1,180,000. 
The cake replica is a reminder of the town as a record holder, especially for the new generation who were not able to experience the 2004 spectacle. 
“It will just be a celebration of the record, there is no need to break our record since we have gained it already,” Salda said. 
He said the giant twin cake will be baked in two varieties – the red and white strawberries – the latter a recently introduced variety called Snow White. 
The Sweet Charlie red strawberry is the more traditional variety, which has been produced in the municipality and known for its sweet taste. The Snow White variety, meanwhile, has a crunchier flesh and tangy taste. 
The production of the white variety is still in its infancy in the municipality and taste might still be improved, as the Snow White, which they taste-tested from China, is sweeter than the ones reproduced in the valley. 
The cake will consist of 275 kilograms of strawberries, which will be baked into 500 pans. A total of 16,000 slices will be served and will be sold at P35 per slice.
Local bakers participating during the event are Mignonette Balao – Apple Blossom Bakery, Jayne Ducusin – Badu Cakes and Coffee; Normancita Obar of Menchie’s Bakery, and Adelaine Dormiendo of Ad’laines Bakery. They will bake 125 pans of strawberry shortcake each.
The serving of the cake will be at the Lednicky Hall. 
The strawberry giant cake was first baked in 2002 and followed by the twin strawberries giant cake in 2003.
In 2004, the Guinness World Record Holder giant strawberry shortcake was baked, only to be revived a decade after in 2017 and then the latest was in 2019. 
Themed, “Festival for recovery: Building a brighter future from adversities”, the Strawberry Festival is set from March 6 to 31. – Ofelia C. Empian